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Visibly Insights: Online Vision Test Part 2

Last week in our online vision test tips part 1 post, we provided you with tips on how to get started. Today we’re highlighting some of the key things to remember while taking the Visibly vision test and facts about the prescription you receive from Visibly.

Taking the Test

While taking the Visibly online vision test, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Remember to relax. During the test, you will go through a series of different vision assessments. Just like when you are at the doctor’s office, it’s important to remember to relax when responding to what you are seeing. There are no right or wrong answers so try not to strain your eyes to see more clearly than you are.

  • Take your time. Typically it takes patients 7-10 minutes to finish our online vision test. However, there is no rush. Take your time during each vision assessment to listen to the directions and look at the digital eye chart on your computer for as long as you need to.

  • Start the test when your eyes aren’t tired. Your eyes do a lot of work throughout the day without you even realizing it, especially if your job requires you to look a computer screen frequently. Try taking our online vision test in the morning or in the evening after you’ve given your eyes some time to rest.

Getting Your Prescription

Once you’ve completed all other steps of the Visibly vision test, you will receive your vision prescription for contacts or glasses, or both. Here are some things to know about your prescription.

  • Doctor Reviewed & Issued. Every prescription from Visibly has been written by a licensed optometrist or ophthalmologist. After you complete the vision test, your results, medical history, and prior prescription are sent to a doctor who determines if a vision prescription can be issued or if further care is needed. While our technology enables this process, it is not a machine giving you a prescription, it’s a licensed doctor.

  • Less than 24 hour retrieval time. Within 24 hours of completing the vision test and checking out, you will receive your new vision prescription. Oftentimes, our doctors are actually able to dispense your prescription in just a few hours, depending on the volume of prescriptions there are to issue.

  • Purchasing Power. Your Visibly vision prescription can be used to purchase contacts or glasses wherever you’d like. Whether you prefer to purchase these items online or in-store, the prescription is valid for purchase at any location or vendor of your choice. This gives you the power to find the best deal for you.

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Need a new vision prescription? Try renewing it at home with Visibly’s online vision test.


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