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How Visibly's Prescription Renewal Test Works: Color Vision

When people first hear about Visibly’s prescription renewal test and realize they can get a prescription from the comfort of their home they often ask, “How can a computer test my vision?” To help answer this question, we will be breaking down the different aspects of our test each week to help patients understand exactly how it works.

After creating a Visibly account, the test will begin with an assessment of color vision. This portion of the test is the equivalent of viewing color vision slides from the Ishihara book which is used in most eye doctor’s offices. The purpose of a color vision test, either online or in-person, is to determine how well a patient can distinguish color and if there are any deficiencies in their color vision, for example if they are red-green color blind.

The measurement of color vision through Visibly’s prescription renewal test starts by having a patient sit at a comfortable reading distance from their computer or laptop screen. They will then be shown digital colored dotted plates with a number in it and will be asked which number they see in each plate. The patient will choose the answer on their smartphone. If they cannot see a number, they will choose “Can’t See” and this potentially can be a sign of a color deficiency.


For patients who do not have access to a computer, the test can be taken with just a smartphone. The patient will go through the same test but will be ten feet from their smartphone screen and use voice commands to share what they see. 

This portion of the test takes less than a minute since it only requires viewing two different colored plates, covering the patient’s right eye, and later covering their left eye, before moving on to the next vision assessment.


Ready to learn how Visibly’s prescription renewal test measures how well a patient can see? Read part two of this blog series on measuring your visual acuity.

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